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Re: Aspect

ja' peHruS:
>I have recently discovered another good book regarding Aspect--VERB
>SEMANTICS, DIATHESIS AND ASPECT, Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova, NTNU, Trondheim.

If this is the same kind of "good" that leads you to use perfective aspect
suffixes to indicate the occurrence of a past event, when you've already
established a past tense setting, I doubt its relevance to this mailing list.

>For those interested in understanding better what MO means by Klingon's verb
>suffixes type 7, this is invaluable reading.

I suggest that those interested in understanding what Marc Okrand means
when he talks about aspect in tlhIngan Hol would be ill served to read
explanations about aspect in other languages.  Okrand's descriptions of
the type 7 verb suffixes have sufficed to let most of us communicate in
Klingon perfectly well among one another, and it still appears to me that
other "authorities" on the subject of aspect have managed to instill a
faulty understanding of Klingon aspect in peHruS's mind.  I'm absolutely
certain that there is nobody more qualified to explain Klingon aspect than

-- ghunchu'wI'

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