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KLBC: Hello.

Hello. tlhovwI' jIngu''egh.  Hello, I identify myself as Weezer. 
tlhIngan Holtetlh jIchu'.    I am new (to the) klingon language list.
DuSaQ'a'vaD tlhIngan Hol jIghojtaH.   For college, I am learning (the) 
HolQeDHaDwI' jIghojwI'.  I am a linguistics major.

(This is all I could muster without my dictionary at hand.  More later.  I've 
been reading for a while and now it's time to post.  Thanks! 
P.S. In response to the lack of an opening greeting, I'm using 'hello' 
similar to the way we Americans use 'bon jour'.  Also, does my spainish-style 
reflexive work for my greeting?)

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