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[KLBC]//tera': Qav-yol\\

yu' jItlhobta' vIneH, 'ach Huj;[have a question to ask, is kinda strange]
//tera': Qav-yol\\ HaSta Dabej'a' vay'?[does anyone watch the earth:final
conflict show]
munuQqu' \skrill/;[\skrill/ really annoy me!]
lu'oghlu'chugh, QIpqu'pu'vaj;[if somebody designed them, then they made
them stupid]
qatlh yagh'e' 'oghpu' chaH jay', ghotpu' bachchugh neH?[why the hell
would you design{bioengineer} them, if all they do is shoot people?!]
[theres a million and one more things they coulda made them do]
HIch yIje', 'ej DeSlIjDaq yItuQlu'
[buy a gun and wear it on your arm!]
'oh Qap law' 'e' yagh puS
[it'll work better than the stupid skrill]
QaQqech 'oH 'e', 'a QIpqu' luchenmoHpu' chaH!
[it was a good idea, but they made it really stupid]

The person is smart.
People are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals...

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