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KLBC: taH lut, mara nejnIS runa

[taH ghevchoq Sep runa veng wa'DIch lengbogh lut]

[The story of runa from Gevchok region who visited First City continues.]

Q: Should there be an <-'e'> attached to <runa> to show where the <-bogh>
clause belongs?  Or re-cast the whole thing?  Or should all the words
between taH and lut go after lut?

1.  veng tIn veng wa'DIchDaq jImob

(In the big city of veng wa'DIch I was alone.)

Q:  How does one do appositives, and how does one do genitives?  E.g., I
want to say "the big city, veng wa'Dich," or I want to say "the big city of
veng wa'DIch."  Does the noun-noun construction work when there is an
adjective [i.e. stative verb in adjectival position] modifying the first
noun?  Would this be the same kind of construction as <Hovmey Huv bIngDaq>?

2.  Qe' HurDaq Hurgh chal.  pagh vIleghlaH, 'ach  jattaHbogh nuvpu' vIQoylaH.

(Outside the restaurant the sky was dark. I could see nothing, but I could
hear some persons murmuring.)

Q:  What I wanted to say originally was "Down the road that ran beside the
restaurant I heard, etc.", but I got as far as <Qe' ratlhDaq HeDaq> and
quit because of the proximity of the two <-Daq>.  Would that have been
grammatically correct even if I didn't like the sound of it?

3.  pay' lojmitvo' mejba' cha' SuvwI' SuvchuqtaHbogh.  DeSwIj 'uchchu'ta' wa'.

(Suddenly the two warriors who had been fighting burst out the door and one
of them grabbed hold of my arm.)

Q:  Should <SuvchuqtaHbogh> be rather <Suvchuqpu'bogh>?

4.  chuSbe' ghoghDaj.  <qaHoHqang, qaHoHrup, 'ach be'vetlh Daghovbe'chugh
qaHoHnISbe'> jatlh.

(His voice was soft.  "I am willing to kill you, I am prepared to kill you,
but if you do not recognize that woman, I do not need to kill you," he said.)

5.  <'Iv?  naDev latlh be' tu'lu'a'?> jIjatlh.

("Who?  Is there another woman here?" I said.)

6.  qabDaj muchol 'ej Hegh.  <HIcholqa'Qo'> jIjatlh.

(He put his face close to me and laughed.  "Don't come any closer," I said.)

7.  naDevvo' tlheD SuvwI'pu'.  jIquvHa'ta'mo' jIH; ghe'tor ngan rur, vaj
jIQeHbej, jIQeHchu'.

(The warriors departed.  Because I was deliberately dishonored, like an
inhabitant of Gre'tor, I was totally, thoroughly angry.)

8.  'ach cha' qabDu'vatlhvaD bortaS bIr vIjabpa' mara vInejnIS.

(But before I served cold revenge to those two faces I had to look for Mara.)


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