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Re: SachtaH Holmaj!

In a message dated 5/12/1999 7:21:49 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< If /qagh vIparHa'/ can only be *I don't dislike gagh*, then how would you 
translate *I like gagh*?  The English phrases are not equivalent.  Worse yet, 
/yIH vIparHa'be'/, which seems a natural enough thing to say in Klingon, 
becomes *I don't not dislike tribbles*. >>
I see several different answers depending on where your logic comes from.  If 
your native tongue is Spanish, you might be tempted to try {jIHvaD 'ey' 
qagh}.  If your native tongue is Mandarin, you might like {qagh vItIv}.  
English speakers just might like {qagh vISop 'e' vItIv}.  I feel that 
Klingons (whom I have yet to meet in person) say it as {qagh vISopbej}.

I actually wonder how much Klingons would use the {-Ha'} verb suffix.  As 
much as English does in words like {dislike, disassociate, untie, undo}, 
etc., without even thinking about it?  Maybe Klingons like their negative 
stem verbs very much and only {-Ha'} them when necessary.  That would be 
reasonable, given that Klingons have negative (to the English-speakers mind) 


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