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Re: First Contacts

Sajatlh, T'uvien Qapla' je,
just starting out of myself, and leaning slowly, but having fun with
tlhIngan-Hol[klingon language];
am willing to be helping anyhow that i can, but pr'y best bet is just
practice writing to the list, if your wrong, theyll let you know...;-)
if you want your tlhIngan-Holpab[klingon language grammar] checked,
include an [KLBC] in the subject line, ie \[KLBC] Sajatlh/;
qultoQ jiH[i am qultoQ{pheonix}];
choghItlh[you can write me]:


>Hi Melanie (T'uvien)!
>I've the same knowledge as you on Klingon language, we can help
>Reply me

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>From: Melanie Steedman <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 7:35 AM
>Subject: First Contacts
>> Hullo, I'm new.  I'm using the alias T'uvien, and I know no Klingon 
>(I haven't even got myself a dictionary yet).  But I needed to do some
>research on Klingons and found myself in the KLI webpage and from there
>facinated with the language so here I am.  (If any of you want to impart
>> knowledge of the finer points of Klingon culture, go ahead... such
>> information seemed thin on the ground in my city's library!)  Does the
>> dictionary contain information on Klingon grammer?

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