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Re: KLBC challenge

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:17:47 -0400 Carleton Copeland 
<> wrote:

> pab qaQIjmoHmeH 'eb pup 'oH qaDlIj'e'.  chojangbe'chugh bIbIv!  /N-N 
> construction/Daq DIp wa'DIch tlhejbe'laH Segh vagh mojaq 'e' tlhIngan Hol 
> mu'ghomDaq ghItlhlu'law'. 

Note that the use of {-lu'} on the second verb of a 
Sentence-As-Object construction is HIGHLY controversial. The 
pronoun {net} is preferred here. Also, while I believe there is 
at least one canon example that places something expected before 
a direct object instead after {'e'} as you have placed the 
locative, it really makes more sense to place the locative in 
front of {'e'}.

I just thought that since you wanted to explain grammatical 
rules to me, I should explain a couple to you. {{:)> There are 
certainly enough of them to go around.

> 'ach /BoP Poster/Daq bIvbogh chovnatlh 
> lutu'lu'law'.  nuq bIH chovnatlhvetlh'e' 'ej chay' pab SaHbogh Sovmaj 
> luchoHpu'?

poHwIj DapoQqu'. *poster*wIj vIpoSmoH...

telDaq wovmoHwI'mey.

bIqay'qu'. *KLBC*vaD 'Itlhqu' qaDlIj. choghong.

chaq wot mu'ghomHom 'oHlaH mojaq <<-wI'>>mo' DIp mojbogh wot'e'. 
vaj chaq bIvbe' chovnatlhvam. bIvmo' 'oHbe'law' <<[tel]Daq 

'oHlaw' <<[telDaq wovmoH]wI'mey>>.

DuH je latlh.

chaq poDmeH wot So'lu'. <<telDaq wovmoHwI'mey [lanlu'pu']>>

jISovchu'be'. jISovlaHbe'. wej QIj *Okrand*.

DaH bIqay'pu'. qaDwIj naQ yIta'. mu'meywIj yImugh. HaghwI' Qav 

> qa'ral

charghwI' 'utlh

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