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KLBC: Is this correct?

First, let me say I'm a *complete* beginner to the language and to this
mailing list (both ~1 day), so please excuse any breaches of etiquette I'm
about to make.

I thought it would be fun to use some pIqaD in a presentation I'm giving on
my thesis research.  The topic is "collective communication," as in,
"communication performed by a collective (of computers)."  According to
Michael Rudolph's English-tlhIngan/thlIngan-English Dictionary (which I ran
across online), "collect" is translated as <boS> and "communicate" as
<Qum>.  So would "collective communication" therefore be translated into
<QumwI' boS>?  Or would that be "collecting communicator" or somesuch?

I didn't see an affix in the list in the back of the mu'ghom that looked
like it would convert "communicate" into "communication;" <-wI'> just
seemed the closest.  Similarly, it appears like verbs can be used as
adjectives without any modifications.  Can they?

Thanks in advance for your help (and patience!),
-- Scott

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