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RE: looking for klingon text

jatlh Clayton:

> where can I find a large amount of Klingon text in the internet?

The librarian in me won't let this question be answered as it stands,
because you obviously want it FOR something, and there may be a

The archive is definitely the mother lode of Klingon text.  If,
however, what you are looking for are letter/word frequency tables or
other textual analysis, that's been done a few times and you should
just ask for them.

If you're looking for *interesting* Klingon text, one of my favourites
is Deborah Kay's serialized story, written sometime before qep'a'
loSDIch (late 1996 or early 1997). Search on /velqa'/, the name of the

If you are looking for mostly *grammatically correct* Klingon text, you
could restrict yourself to stuff written by people after or shortly
before they became BGs.  (Bear in mind that what we know to be correct
changes, so there is some PAINFUL stuff written by people who know much
better now, but it was the state of the art at the time).

If you're using it to feed to a random language generator or anything
else that requires *pure* Klingon text, then the Shakespeare/Bible is
the best, because everythign is transliterated into Klingon phonetics,
although of course the proper names remain non-canon Klingon.
Qov - pab 'utlh

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