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RE: HolQeD #30

jatlh Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen:

> wa'Hu' HolQeD wejmaHDIch vIngeH.
> chaq cha'leS DaHev.
> Dunqu' HolQeD wejmaHDIch.
> bIQoch vaj qep'a'Daq qajoy'nIS.
> 'e' vItIvbe' ach 'utchu'.

DaH bInep. DatIvbejqu'. yItemQo'.

> Loose translation:

Not loose at all.

> Yesterday I sent out the 30th issue of HolQeD.
> Perhaps you will receive it the day after tomorrow.
> The 30th HolQeD is very wonderful.
> If you disagree then I will need to torture you at 
>    the conference.
> I will not enjoy it, but it will be necessary.

majQa'. vIHev 'e' vIloS vIneHbe'qu'.


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