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Re: Love (A-Ha!)

ja' charghwI':

1) {parHa'} can mean "do badly" if you consider disliking something to be a 
goal oriented activity. Given Klingon culture, this is perhaps a valid path 
to its meaning. I can only like you if I fail to dislike you. That is a 
stronger flavor of liking than merely not disliking you. In other words, 
I'd dislike you if I could, but I like you so much, I screw up any effort 
at disliking you. See? It is a cultural statement.

2) Learning Klingon without TKD is an impressive challenge. The KLI can 
sell you TKD for a sum that most people can save up for who have enough 
money to afford Internet access.

3) {QayHa'}? nuqjatlh? I don't understand this word. I'd need context to 
figure out what you are doing to the meaning "transfer".

4) I don't yell, "Wrong!" I merely yell, "Not always preferable!"


1) Dajatlhbogh vIparHa'!  This sort of cultural statement is exactly what I 
was getting at when I wrote (6 weeks ago) that "what intrigues me about 
/muSHa'/, /parHa'/, and /tungHa'/ ... is their evocation of a culture in 
which it is more "normal" to hate, dislike and discourage than the 
reverse."  ghunchu'wI' has since argued that all this proves nothing about 
Klingon culture.  Fair enough.  As a scientific venture, reconstructing 
Terran culture based on the structure of /DIvI' Hol/ would be dubious at 
best.  As speculation, it's too much fun to resist.

2) jagh DajeymeH, nIteb yISuvrup!  /QeyHa'/ jIja'nISba'pu'.

3) Huch vIghaj.  *credit* vIHutlh jay'!  juHvengDaq ratlh *check*meywIj.

4) I'm gratified by HoD Qanqor's backing on /musHa'/, but in all fairness, 
despite much wrangling over the word, I don't think anyone (least of all 
charghwI') has ever yelled, Wrong!


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