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Re: jIchegh tulajchugh

In a message dated 6/15/1999 7:52:58 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< lu'.  jIngaj.  mu' mach vIlo'.  pagh mojaq vIchel.  Qatlh Qu' 'ach DuH.
 targh yIlegh!  qet targh.  yIqet, targh!  toH, targh ngeQ Duj.
 'Iw yIlegh!  qet 'Iw.  yIqet, 'Iw!
Does {jIngaj} mean "I'll be brief," or "I'll be short (as in using only short 
words)?"  I can't figure this one out, ghunchuwI'.  {ngaj} refers to "short 
duration of time," stative verb.  Thus, I have to think that you are 
attempting to take on the persona of time.  jImISqu.  yIQIj.


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