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bomwI'na'pu' vInej

ATTENTION:  Due to the important nature of this message, I am presenting
it in English.  Please excuse this aberrancy.

I am looking for singers who will be at the qep'a'.  If you will be
present at the qep'a' and you are a strong singer and you would like
to participate in a little project of mine, please send me mail at  You don't necesarily have to have the greatest
voice, but you need to be able to sing harmony-- that is, carry your
own tune by yourself while others around you are singing different
things.  The ability to read music would be a plus, though not
required.  Sight-reading definitely not required.  Also a plus would
be having a tlhIngan HIp, or at least a Quch.  If you think you might
be interested, please drop me a line and tell me where you stand.
Thank you!

Now, back to the tlhIngan Hol!

	--Captain Krankor

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