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RE: KLBC: summer's in, school's out

jatlh Nelson:

> rIn DuSaQ


> vaj jIQaghHa' ghojwI'Homvo'. 

Nouns with type five suffixes (except -'e') must go at the beginning of the
clause they are part of, so <ghojwI'Homvo'> must go before <jIQaghHa'>. 

I'm also having trouble figuring out what you're saying here. I suspect you
mean that you have gone from being a student to someone who does not often
make mistakes. Let me know what you wanted to say, and I will help you say

> tlhIngan Hol QaghwIj QaghHa' pagh!

<Qagh> is defined as "err, be mistaken, make a mistake". I don't think
<Qagh> can take an object - something like <mu'tlheghvam vIQagh> would not
make sense - so <QaghHa'> probably cannot either. You can use another nice
verb here - <lughmoH>.

If this is a simple statement - "pagh will correct my errors", then it is
fine with <lughmoH>, and correct as well: DaH QaghlIj vIlughmoHlI'bej. If it
is a request (command), then you need an imperative prefix: <tlhIngan Hol
QaghwIj tIlughmoH, pagh!>. (Unless you are assuming you have only one error,
which would make the prefix <yI->).

Beginners' Grammarian

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