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RE: Unsubcribing (Answer)

This is the list admin, please excuse the off-topic post.

Instructions on how to unsubscribe are in the welcome letter that you receive when you
sign up, are in the headers of every message that gets sent out by the list, and are in
the FAQ.  Every post that gets sent to the list by myself or pagh (the BG) contains a
reference to the FAQ.  Also, I send a FAQ announcement/reminder to the list every month
(for the past few months).  Not to mention that the archives are full of messages of this

For information on unsubscribing, please see the FAQ.  I send people there rather than
type the info here, because (a) that's what the FAQ is for, and (b) it includes
information on what to do if you are having trouble.

Please people, do not send messages to this list asking to be unsubscribed.  As the FAQ
states, " no case will this result in your getting removed from the list."  In most
cases, I simply ignore these messages, and if the user persists, I set the list to ignore
messages from them (especially if they get testy).  I've done everything I can to make the
information easily available, you've got to do your part to take responsibility for your
own subscription as well.

> >Hello. Awhile ago, I inadvertently added myself to the tlhingan-hol list or
> >someone else added me, and when I contacted someone about it they told me
> >that the directions as to how to unsubscribe were in the e-mail message I
> >received when I first signed up. I somehow (also indavertently, believe it
> >or not) deleted this message. Could someone please send a copy of his
> >message or directions as to how to unsubcribe? Thanks.
> I also have the same problem. Could someone be so kind as to help me out
> too?	(or maybe every so often another "original message" would be sent)

-- d'Armond, List Admin

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