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RE: KLBC : Worf said it...

jatlh Koraxis:

> On a recent episode of DS9, Worf and Ezri Dax crashed on a 
> planet. At one point, they where talking and Ezri told Worf 
> that she and Dax has had other affairs. Angry, Worf calls 
> her "slepaH" (sp?). Prehaps meaning a harlot or a more vulgar
> meaning of the word. 

Actually, I think the vulgar word was directed at the captain with the
transparent skull who Jadzia used to date and Ezri had recently seen. I
heard it as <slobaH>, but I was not paying that much attention. In any case,
I would not put too much stock into it.

> Leading to an insult...
> slepaHmey boQong!
> You sleep with harlots.

This doesn't work very well. First of all, if you're insulting a single
person, the prefix should be <Da-> rather than <bo->. Also, <Qong> just
means "sleep", not "sleep with", so <vay' DaQong> means "you sleep
something", which is nonsense in both languages. Klingon has no generic way
to do what the English word "with" does, but there are many other ways to
say things like this. For this kind of usage, a typical way to do it is:
<bIQongtaHvIS vay' Datlhej>. Finally, the suffix on <slobaH> should probably
be <-pu'> rather than <-mey>. The whole thing winds up as:

bIQongtaHvIS, slobaHpu' Datlhej.

A bigger question is whether Klingons equate "sleep with" with sex in the
way that terrans do. I strongly suspect they do not. Instead of using the
English idiom "sleep with", you need to be literal and go with "mate with" -

slobaHpu' Dangagh.

Beginners' Grammarian

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