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Re: Regarding some of the "new words" on

Zrajm wrote:

: When I looked through the new words list on I found the
: following dubious entries:
:   {be'joy'} ritualized torture by women (n) [Sarak, the novel]
:   {Heghba'} ritual suicide (n) [Sarek, novel by A.C. Crispin]
: Are these canon? And in that case, why? Did Okrand say ok to these words?

They're considered canon because novelist Crispin got Okrand to coin a few
words for her; she acknowledges his help in the book.  Note that {Heghba'}
is spelled {Heghbat} in TKW and KGT.  

Here are two more nouns you missed:

  chal   beautiful flower which blossoms in the Klingon spring
  norgh  a dangerous Klingon predator; this word was later included in the KGT
         glossary as: "norg (type of animal, a sharklike sea creature)"

The name of a small Bird-of-Prey (a smaller class than the B'rel):


Three geographical names on Kronos:

  Du'Hurgh      Ambassador Kamarag's ancestral estate on Kronos
  tengchaH jav  the spaceport near Kamarag's ancestral compound
  HatlhHurgh    (IIRC, this is also near Kamarag's estate}

Two untranslated epithets:

  lam be'  
  veQnuj / veQ nuj 
  (Okrand's spelling is uncertain: "Uuughh!" she grunted. "I had to let those
   veQ-Nuj handle me. I'm sorry now I just didn't kill them.")

Two {bang pongmey}, or pet names/endearments:

  'Iwoy    "dear blood"
  targhoy  (untranslated)

: (And am I right when I assume that "Sarak" is just a misspelling of "Sarek",
: and that both these words come from the same book?)


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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