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Re: eyes of khaless game

Koraxis K'Dor wrote:

: No Klingonese to translate but, a question. I've seen an ongoing discussion
: about the Eyes of Kahless game. Is this an actual game that is played on a
: board? If so, where can I get info about it.

Nothing so fancy.  {qeylIS mInDu'} is one of those simple bar-type games
with dice (just one IIRC) and a d'k tahg in the ST:Klingon CD.  After someone
wins, the two stand up, thump foreheads, then both laugh.  Are the rules ever
explained in the CD, or is it just a bit of background "realism"?  The game
propbably isn't too complicated else people couldn't play it when drunk.

I've been calling it a bar game, though in KCD we only see it played aboard
BoP Tagana or in Pok's house, I forget which.  I imagine you would commonly
it in Klingon bars to decide who pays the tab.  I wouldn't be surprised to
that Klingon bars - like many Terran ones - keep dice around for their
customers to use.  The more they play, the longer their customers stay and
buying drinks.  

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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