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In a message dated 5/26/1999 3:50:09 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Your use of aspect on {vIlo'pu'} suggests that you had used some
 construction using {pat} in the past, but that use is completed.  I asked,
 "what words do you use to describe your computer now?"  I asked this because
 I was more curious about your use of aspect that I was about the terms you
 might use to describe "network." >>
Ah, this is exactly why I am still suggesting books and articles regarding 
the subject of Aspect.  My usage indicated by {mu' [pat] vIlo'pu'} does 
indeed mean that I had used the word {pat} "system" wholly in the PAST.  But, 
this does not preclude my using it again.  Even though the action mentioned 
WAS wholly in the past, it may occur again.  It may be occurring now without 
the use of the imperfective {-taH}.


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