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Re: Qov mu'mey jang pIlo / KLBC

Duh! I misspelled my own name!  It's pI'lo.
BTW, I was wondering, how would you differentiate between "hibernate" and
"coma"? Qongqu' as "to sleep fiercely" just sort of bugs me as to do anything
fiercely while hibernating or being comatose seems like an oxymoron. SaS means
"be shallow, so does SaSbe' mean "be deep"? I couldn't find "deep". Anyway,
deep sleep doesn't seem adequate for either  "coma" as noun/"be comatose" as a
verb,  or hibernate/hibernation.
I was thinking of verbal forms to describe levels of consciousness (for
humorous descriptions of a person's level of awareness)
       pI'lo a.k.a. Ms. Pillow

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