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Re: KLBC: qep'a' javDIch pictures (was:Re: qep'a' 6DIch picture)

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 00:04:43 +0100, "William H. Martin"
<> wrote:

>Did anybody else notice that from the angle of the picture of 
>the metal hand holding the orb, the base says, "It is slimy."?
>If he had rotated it 45 degrees, it would have been a divided 
>{charghwI'}, which *I*, for one, would have preferred. {{:)>

(I couldnt think of better words for the statue than 'Hand Thing')

ghop Doch lanta' DloraH .

chaq tlhaQ DloraH :-O

As an aside, I find myself searching for the correct term for 'record
an image of' ....   Perhaps Im just missing something but I really
cant think of a good way to say this.  I wanted to really say

' In order that we record an image, DloraH placed the hand thing '

qIroS  (Kirosh)  KLI #H1026

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