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Re: KLBC: jIlIH'egh


thank you, Bill! Because you introduced yourself, I dared to do the same now. ;)

I won't write a lot in the next time, because my Klingon isn't very good and
sometimes I think my English isn't much better *g* (because my Englisch teacher is
very bad!!) but I think, the members of the list shall know who is reading their
mails, and so I decided to write a short mail, in which I introduce myself, too.

I'm 16 years old. I live in a small town between Rostock and Berlin in
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (or Mecklenburg Western Pommerania - I think that's the
Englisch translation *g*) - one of the sixteen German countries. 

I started to learn the Klingon language in my winter vacation and was fascinated
immediately. My nickname shows you, that I'm not a Klingon. The name is Vulcan, but I
think for a modern Vulcan it's not wrong to learn another language, too. *bg* Ok, Ok,
I don't really speak one word of the Vulcan language - only a little bit Klingon! ,)

And I'm really fascinated of the Klingon language, but none of my friends, who are
almost also Trekkies, does speak Klingon - except Qapla' and nuqneH. So until now I
hadn't the possibility to speak with other people in Klingon and I think my Klingon
isn't so good, that I can speak with you a lot now. But I can learn now this language
better, because I translate a lot of sentences which I find in your mails into German
what helps me a lot by learning the language and so perhaps I will be in the position 
to talk to you in Klingon one day. And I can also improve my English by reading 
your mails ;) - and that's really necessary - I think you recognized already that my 
English isn't the best - but my English teacher is to blame for it. *vbg*

So, I think in this mail are enough mistakes already, but please see generous over
them ;)

Yes and now some sentences in Klingon *g* that's why I'm here ,)

tlhIngan Hol vIparHa'. Holvam Daj. jIghojlaH 'e' vItul. HolvamvaD vIvumrup. 

*g* Ok, now it's too late to write more ... tomorrow I have to get up at 4:45 in
the morning :(

Good night! Schlaft gut! ramraj QaQjaj! :)
reH bIyIntaHjaj 'ej bIchepjaj \V/


P.S.: Thank Langenscheidt and mu' HaqwI'!! ;)

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