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The "Star Trek: The Experience" communique - canon or not?

Did anyone at last week's Las Vegas {qep'a'} think to ask Marc Okrand
whether he was the author of the "Star Trek: The Experience" Klingon
communique issued by their official website back in November 1997?  (Since
it's a Paramount operation, it's certainly plausible that they would have
paid him to translate some Klingon for them.)  The conferencees were in Las
Vegas, Okrand was in Las Vegas, and "ST: The Experience" was in Las Vegas,
so it would have been a natural question.  

We've known about this announcement for over a year and a half now and I'd
really like to confirm its authenticity, if only because it's one of the
few pieces of extended Klingon text we have.  

To me it certainly feels like Okrand's work (though I've been wrong
before!).  Notice that {qoD} is used twice which, at the time (11/97), had
just been revealed by Maltz in KGT, published the very same month.  And
{HovpoH} had recently appeared in SkyBox S33 (later published in KGT as
well).  Note too the confident (though some may say reckless) rendition of
the Terran dating formula.  Whoever did this seems to have spoken Klingon
like a native. <g>

Here's the text for those who don't have a copy.  Prior to its official
opening, STX sent out regular email updates and announcements to all who
registered with the official site  This a transcript
of the communique sent 7 Nov 1997:

**** tlhIngan De' ****

tera' poH jaj wa', jar wa', jaj loSDIch, DIS wa'-Hut-Hut-chorgh:
HovpoHvetlh latlh nab yIHutlh.

laS veghaS HIltonDaq «Hov leng: yIjeSchu'» qaSchoHmo', bIlopqu'meH HIlton

 * tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH loS bIyIn jeSlaHpa' Hoch
 * DIvI' 'ejDo' 'entepray'Daq Dajollu'
 * loghDaq lupDujHom qoDDaq bIlengtaHvIS, nIbuQbogh novpu' DaSuv
 * quwargh tach Qe' je qoDDaq Hov leng Soj DatIv

jolbogh ghom wa'DIch DamuvlaHmeH De' DaneHchugh, Se'vam yIjIHtaH.


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Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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