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RE: conversar em outra lingua

jatlh Clayton Cardoso:

> Acho interessante que até aqui se fala português!!
> (naDev *Portugal* Hol jatlhlu' je 'e' Daj 'e' vIQub)
> Is the above sentence grammatically correct???

Close, but not quite. The first bit - <naDev *Portugal Hol jatlhlu' je> - is
fine. The problem is <'e' Daj>. <Daj> is a verb meaning either "be
interesting" or "test inconclusively". You were obviously going for "be
interesting", but the thing that is interesting must be the *subject*, and
<'e'> can only be the object. Also, the <'e' vIQub> is fine here, but not
very good Klingon style. We know you're stating what you think, so there's
no need to qualify your statement like this. Here's what I would do:

naDev *Portugal Hol jatlhlu' je. Daj.

I just made the statement and then commented that it was interesting.

> Eduardo Fonseca, *Brasil* DaDab'a'?
> *Sao Paulo*Daq jIboghpu', 'ach DaH veng mach jIDab.

This should of course be <vIDab>.

> *Votuporanga* 'oH.
> vengmey tIn Daj law' vengvam Daj puS vIQub.

You need to add <'e'> before <vIQub>.

> jIcheghqang.

nuq Dacheghqang?
Where are you willing to return to?

> tlhIngan Hol taghwI' jIH,
> vaj mujchugh mu'mey, HIlughmoH *Beginners Grammarian*

lu'. Qu'wIj vIta'qang. 'ach puS QaghmeylIj, 'ej Saghbe'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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