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RE: -mo'

jatlh QInteS:

> Can {-mo'} modify entire sentences?

<-mo'> can verbs as well as nouns, so yes. The appendix to TKD on page
175-176 gives us three other type 9 verb suffixes: <-ghach>, <-jaj>, and
<-mo'>. It says that <-mo'> behaves just like it's noun counterpart. 

> paSloghwIj Sop mIl'oDmo' bIr qamDu'wIj.
> Can there be more than one clause in a sentence?

There cannot be more than one main clause in a sentence without a
conjunction, and a noun with <-mo'> cannot be the subject of a verb (except
for <-bogh> clauses), so this does not work.

> paSloghwIj Sopbogh mIl'oDmo' bIr qamDu'wIj.

This does work, but it is not *quite* what you want to say. For that you
need the verb form of <-mo'>:

paSloghwIj Sopmo' mIl'oD, bIr qamDu'wIj.

> P.S.  Sorry if this post looks weird.  My cat walked on 
> my keyboard and did something to my font and I can't 
> figure out how to fix it.

It's fine here. At least your pet doesn't like to chew on your keyboard like
my bird does.

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