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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

jatlh qa'ral:

(Something went wrong with your apostrophes. New e-mail program?)

>ja=92 taghwI=92 pabpo=92 motlh:  HovqIj will be acting BG. Don't tortur=
>e him.
>Daj.  loD =91oHchugh HovqIj=92e=92, nuqDaq =91oH=92a=92 Christiane Scha=

HItIchQo'! loD jIH 'e' QubDI' pagh mutIchbe' ghaH. be' jIH 'e' Sovbe' neH.
'ach Doch jIHbe'bej! vaj mu' {'oH} yIlo'Qo'. {ghaH} yIlo'.

{'oH} is for things, {ghaH} for persons. Using {'oH} for persons would
probably be considered insulting and may end deadly on Kronos.
Also keep in mind that, when you have a question that uses a question word,
in this case {nuqDaq}, the question suffix {-'a'} is not used.

>quchta=92chugh, voHDajbo=92 poQlI=92=92a=92?

I guess you're tying to say something like "If she has been kidnapped, are
they demanding a ransom?"
Klingon doesn't have a passive voice, but there's something very similar.
The tool you need is the suffix for the indefinite subject, {-lu'}. See TKD
section 4.2.5 for this.

nIb HovqIj Christiane Scharf je. muquch neHchugh vay', Qapbe'bej. ghaH vIHoH
jIH pagh jIH muHoH ghaH. qama'Daj vImojQo'.


-- temporary BG

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