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Re: wild nature

TPO wrote:
> >> I had a question concerning nature. Since civilization is an
> >> artificial habitat. Would uncivilized also be considered wild.
> >> With the diminutive of wild being natural. Both are are
> >> considered adjectives or minor verbs. Though there
> >> are derivatives for nouns as in wilderness and nature.
> >The question you are asking - how to say "wild" or "natural" - is a fairly
> >difficult one. We don't have a single word with a meaning even close to
> >either of these. One word to consider is <nIt> - "pure, unsullied,
> >uncorrupted" - found in KGT. Perhaps we simply don't know the vocabulary
> >that deals with these concepts yet. Perhaps Klingons basically consider
> >*all* forests and animals (except maybe pets <Sajmey>) to be "wild", and
> >don't feel a need to comment on it.
> I ran into this problem a couple months ago with the project I recently
> finished.
> * Like pagh stated, keep in mind what klingons might call "wild"
> * Recast the whole idea
> * In some context I use Hatlh - country, countryside
> Hatlh does not mean country, nation.  That would be wo' or Sep
> Hatlh is countryside, away from the city.
> DloraH

	I am not sure that country side conveys the same message as wilderness.
Though the term is generally associated with rural areas. Maybe the
forests of the country side ?

ngech tebtaH nItbogh ngem.
tayqeqDaq larghbe'pu' SuS nItqu'
HuDmeyvo' vIQoyta' SaQbogh toQ,
nIteb ngem ngo'Daq jIwam HatlhDaq.  
qaDbogh chonvamDaq vItIvbej DaHjaj


The forest which are unsullied covered the valley.
A very pure wind had no scent of civilization.
>From the mountains I could hear the hunting birds cry, 
alone I hunt in the old forests of the country side.
Today I will enjoy the challenge of the hunt.

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