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RE: wild nature

At 11:23 AM 7/19/99 -0500, DloraH wrote:
>>> I had a question concerning nature. Since civilization is an
>>> artificial habitat. Would uncivilized also be considered wild.
>>> With the diminutive of wild being natural. Both are are
>>> considered adjectives or minor verbs. Though there
>>> are derivatives for nouns as in wilderness and nature.
>>The question you are asking - how to say "wild" or "natural" - is a fairly
>>difficult one. We don't have a single word with a meaning even close to
>>either of these. One word to consider is <nIt> - "pure, unsullied,
>>uncorrupted" - found in KGT. Perhaps we simply don't know the vocabulary
>>that deals with these concepts yet. Perhaps Klingons basically consider
>>*all* forests and animals (except maybe pets <Sajmey>) to be "wild", and
>>don't feel a need to comment on it.

I seem to recall in KGT something about hunting "forest sarks", and their
status as "forest" animals was supposed to imply wildness. I think it
was in the Foods section, but I don't have KGT here to check.

-- ter'eS

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