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RE: KLBC Well, here goes....

Welcome to the list, pI'lo. We've heard a bit about you from Qov, so it's
good to hear from you in person.

jatlh pI'lo:

> pIqIm,

<peqIm> Dalo' 'e' DaHech, qar'a'?
> *pI'lo muponglu'.

Very good use of <-lu'>. However, there is a strange little exception in the
grammar with <-lu'>: the prefix is turned around. The object of a verb with
<-lu'> is used as if it were the subject when finding the proper verb
prefix. The object used for finding the prefix is always assumed to be third
person singular. This does NOT change the sentence order around - the object
still goes first - but does change the prefix. You will get used to it
eventually. What you wind up with is:

pI'lo vIponglu'.

> *Pillow mupongtaH tera'gnanmey.

maj. Unless the terrans you refer to are scattered all about (which I would
have no trouble believing), they should be <tera'nganpu'>.

> pongna'wIj  teHbej 'ej  naQchu'.

You're missing a verb to connect <pongna'wIj> to the rest of the sentence.
How about <pongna'wIj 'oH. teHbej 'ej naQchu'.>.

> *Alaska-Daq  vIDab.

<Dab> is defined as "dwell in/at; reside in/at", so you don't need the

> chaq  'uQ'a'Daq  jImI'vIS  bIbejpu'.

The suffix <-vIS> always needs to go with <-taH>. Also, I don't understand
why you put the <-pu'> on <bej>. Did you mean <-laH>?

> De'Hey  'IQ  vIja'.
> qep'a'Daq  qIlchoH  lengwIj.  }}}8-(

qep'a' DajaHlaHbe''a'? Do'Ha'bej.

> 'ach  *October  SaqIHlaHDI'  vItul.  [or should it be jItul?]

It should be <vItul>, but the bit before it is not quite correct. This is a
case where you need to use the "sentence as object" construction. There is a
wonderful little pronoun - <'e'> that can stand in for the sentence before

'ach *October SaqIHlaH ... - But I can meet y'all in October ...
 'e' vItul - I hope that

> *Henderson, Nevada-Daq 'uQ'a'Daq jIlengbej.


>  lopno'  yItIvqu'!

>                                jIjatlhta',
>                                pI'lo (also known as Ms. Pillow)
> bIghojqangchugh  vaj  yInej  *

Very good first post. I understood you perfectly and my corrections were
basically nitpicky things. But then that's my job, picking nits. {{:-)>

majQa'. jumuvta'mo' mabel.

Beginners' Grammarian

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