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Re: KLBC challenge

jatlh charghwI':
> the whole point of the 
> exercise was how to address an unknown number of people with a 
> command.
toH! DaH jIyaj.
reH <<yI'el>> jIjatlh jIH je.
SaHchugh wa' ghot neH, qay'be'.
SaHchugh latlh 'ej 'elchugh wa' neH, qay'be' je.
'elchugh latlhmey, SIbI' vIHIvchoH jay'.
vaj, wa' DoS wIqIp SoH jIH je.

> > if it means they should all step up *in turn*, one after the
> > other, then say that (I, myself, would not know how, though)!
> nIteb pe'el! pequqQo'!
Daj. ghu'vam DelmeH <<quq>> lo'laH'a' vay'?
<<quqchugh ghot puS 'eltaHghach, vIHIv>> jIjatlh...
'ach nI'qu' mu'tlheghvam...

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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