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Re: jIjIvmo' jIyay'!

qa'ral wrote from Moscow:

: jIjIvmo' jIyay'!  Just now I was referencing the archive to determine 
: whether the noun suffixes <-vo'> and <-mo'> are spelled with or without 
: apostrophes and discovered to my wonderment that <-mo'> is also a verb 
: suffix!  And for months I've been jumping through hoops trying to express 
: the idea without a /wot mojaq/.  

This use of {-mo'} is described in the Appendix to TKD (2nd ed., p.175) - not
that this does you much good, studying Klingon in Moscow:

  "This suffix is identical to the Type 5 noun suffix {-mo'} and has
   the same meaning, 'due to, because of'."

It is the only suffix that is used with both nouns and verbs.  Here are some
Okrandian examples with verbs for you to study:

  because you are old  TKD

  Heghpu'mo' yaS
  because the officer died  TKD 

  HoS law'qu' natlhmo' So'wI' ...
  Due to the tremendous energy drain of a cloaking device... S33 

  jIpaSqu'mo' narghpu' qaSuchmeH 'eb
  Because I'm very late, the opportunity to visit you has escaped.
  (i.e. "I was too late to visit you.") (st.k 1/98)

Compare the same suffix on nouns:

  SuSmo' joqtaH
  It is fluttering in the breeze. TKD
  ["The noun {SuSmo'} means 'due to the breeze', so the whole sentence
  is literally 'Due to the breeze, it [a flag] is fluttering'." (TKD 28)]

  due to your apparent minor errors  TKD 

  due to the crime  KGT

: the idea without a /wot mojaq/.  What other wonders await me as I pursue my 
: Klingon studies without a TKD or KGT?   nuH ghajbe'bogh SuvwI' rur TKD 
: ghajbe'bogh ghojwI'!

Indeed, a secrecy proverb {peghmey vIttlhegh} does seem appropriate WRT the
study of Klingon grammar:

  Hov ghajbe'bogh ram rur pegh ghajbe'bogh jaj.
  A day without secrets is like a night without stars. PK

  not mev peghmey.
  Secrets never cease. PK

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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