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Re: jIchegh tulajchugh

charghwI' wrote:

> On Sat, 3 Jul 1999 02:44:18 -0400 K'ryntes <> 
> wrote:
> ..
> > In all your examples, the things you are talking about have a 
> > beginning and an
> > end. Night, day, life..... so because they have a beginning and an
> > end they can
> > indeed be brief or long. A person's actions can be brief but a 
> > person can't
> > literally be "a short duration of time" they can only accomplish 
> > things in a short
> > duration of time. That's how I see it anyway.
> I agree. If I read someone say, <<jIngaj>> I expect them to be 
> young and about to die. I'd be much more understanding of 
> something like {ngaj QInvam 'e' vIlay'}.

jIQochbe'.  I think ghunchu'wI' slipped an English idiom into his
Klingon.  You could argue that when a person says "I'll be brief" he is
using "I" to represent not his entire self, but his temporary presence
at the microphone, but to be sure of the Klingon meaning I would say
something like /jabbI'ID ngaj vIlI'/ or /ngaj jabbI'IDwIj/.  "I'll send
a brief transmission" or "my transmission will be brief."  

> > I'm not trying to stir problems. I'm really sincere in my
> I understand and agree.

Don't anyone on this list hesitate to stand up for what doesn't make
sense to them.  More than once if necessary.  I can think of things
that we now consider correct or incorrect only because someone stood up
for or against it.  Of course I can think of listmembers' personal
hobby horses that I hope to never hear about again, but that's the
price of progress.

> > Qov, if you happen to read this would you offer an opinion? I'm 
> > curious to know
> > if I'm really so far out in left field on this.
> I know I'm not as cute as Qov, but I will offer my support to 
> your perspective.

I wasn't following the thread, but I happened to see that line
attributed in another post, and had to backtrack to see what my
cuteness and/or opinion was sought with respect to.  

> > K'ryntes
> charghwI' 'utlh

Qov - pab 'utlh

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