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Re: Love (A-Ha!)

ja' qa'ral:
>Interestingly, ghunchu'wI' feels that the /-Ha'/ of /parHa'/ and /tungHa'/
>derives from the *do incorrectly* sense rather than from the *undo* sense
>of the suffix.

I don't see that big a difference between these two meanings.  They are
much closer to each other in my mind than you seem to think.  Perhaps I
just have an unusual way of looking at things, but I tend to consider a
syllable's meaning *in Klingon* as its primary meaning, and the English
translations are of secondary importance.

{-Ha'} is one syllable in Klingon, and it has basically one meaning.  A
direct translation into English is often not possible, so one chooses a
close approximation.  That usually ends up with a "mis-" or "dis-" type
of meaning, but sometimes neither of them truly captures the essence of
the Klingon word.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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