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Re: Qa'Hom qaDHom (KLBC)

I'd like to suggest that if you are not responding to the BG and 
you are not asking anything of the BG, it becomes time to 
consider removing "KLBC" from the subject header because the 
topic is moving on to general discussion. I'm leaving it in THIS 
message because I want people who are attracted to KBLC messages 
to heighten their sensitivity to this consideration.

Basically, if you are not a beginner and you are not a BG and 
you are not responding to the BG, it is time to lose KLBC. If 
you ARE a beginner, then you probably should not be attempting 
to instruct other beginners.

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999 07:10:39 -0400 wrote:

> In a message dated 6/28/1999 10:56:05 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
> writes:
> << < DubDaq QottaH Saj. >>
>  peHruS:
>  : chay' qechvam wIDelnIS?=A0 nuq 'oH mIw lugh'e'?
>  I no longer have mupwI's original post so I'm not sure as to which {mIw}
>  peHruS
>  is referring (but that won't stop me from commenting!).  Is the question
>  whether "the pet is lying on its back" should be: >>
> ===================
> My point is that the suffix {-Daq} refers to a place in a locative manner.  I 
> think that {targh DubDaq ghew tu'lu'} is okay.  This shows that the bug is 
> ON/AT the targ's back.  I do not like, however, "lying on its back" being 
> expressed by {DubDaq Qot}.  I have a problem:  I translate this as "lying on 
> [someone else's] back."  I cannot conceive of an entity lying down upon its 
> own back as the place of lying down.  You see, I cannot escape from my own 
> body and subsequently lie down on the back part of my own body.  {DubwIjDaq 
> ghopwIj vIlan} is okay.
> Challenge:  How do we say "lying on one's back"?  My answer is way below.
> peHruS
> Qot targh.  ravDaq 'oHtaH DubDaj'e'.

This works. There are several other ways to say this:

Qot targh yoy.

Qotchu'meH yoytaH targh.

yoy Qotbogh targh.

DungDajvaD Qeq Qotbogh targh namwechDu'.

Qot targh. rav HottaH targh Dub.

QotmeH targh Dub lo' targh.

and the most controversial example, though I like the imagery:

ravvaD QongDaqDaj mojmoH targh Dub.

charghwI' 'utlh

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