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KLBC: Complex sentences

How should I say things like:

"I see you run."
"I want to eat."
"I think you are stupid."
"She says that she thinks she could do it."

You get the point.

I just don't know how to structure these, vis., what verbs go where what
suffixes to use and the like. Is there a set formula? The problem I have is
that these sentences have other sentences as objects, but not really. I
mean, just look at the first one:

"I see" is <jIlegh> and "you run" is <bIqet>. But "I see you run"? Is it
<bIqet jIlegh>? I don't think so. That just seems silly to me.

Also, could someone please translate this sentence: "When the rain falls,
the work stops, and all of the men go home." It has been giving me a lot of


--- loD Doq

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