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Re: qepHom in central Europe!

ghItlh Judith:

>What is this exactly? Maybe I would like to come (find information for my
>thesis :-)
A qepHom is "an informal gathering of Klingon language enthousiasts".
Perhabs you know the KLI has a qep'a' (big meeting) every year somewhere in
the US (this year Las Vegas). Since not everyone can attend it, few
klingonists hold qepHommey (little meetings), for anyone who wants to come
and take a look at how klingon works or to meet people who speak klingon.
Membership in the KLI is not a requirement, and there is no charge for
Did I get it all right? :-)

Are you sure you want to come? I won't stop you, I'm happy with any one who
wants to come! I just wanted to tell you it's about 400 km to drive to me!
About what is your thesis??

>I can't make it on that date, but maybe another saterday.
That would be in march (also the 13th)

>"wie het laatst lacht, heeft een erg traag gevoel voor humor"

Quvar muHwI'

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