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Re: Klingon in the News

[jabbI'ID vIqonmeH 'ej vIlabmeH toch De'wI'Hom vIlo'lI'.]

ja' ter'eS:
>From "News of the Weird", 
>a feature in our local 
>alternative newspaper:

Soch Hu' De'Heyvam vIQoy.
A co-worker noticed my casual
mention of Klingon in a company
newsgroup discussion. He told me
he had seen something in December
in the Indianapolis newspaper about
these Klingon-speaking kids, and
then heard it mentioned on National
Public Radio a few days later. But he
couldn't find the article to prove it to
me, and a search of the wire services
didn't come up with anything. I *did*
find a brief reference to it in an
unrelated discussion, so I decided he
wasn't making it up.

He did say the living conditions were
discovered by someone trying to
find out why the children had not
been in school and that the state was
considering charging the father with
child abuse for not teaching an
"appropriate" language to the kids, but I don't think he got that part

>Kind of makes you rethink 
>the old adage that "Any 
>publicity is good
>publicity", doesn't it?

It's still an opportunity to explain the
fact that Klingon is a real language,
but I'm not that happy about the
way it invites the "get a life" kind of

>ObK: ghotpu'vam wISov'a'?

I doubt it, but I'd like to find out more
about the situation.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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