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Re: mu'meywIj tetlh

ja' charghwI':
> I wonder if the noun {wanI'} can help us handle the lack of time 
> related relative pronoun. Consider:
> pawmeH paq wanI' vISov.
> Two interpretations:
> In order that the book arrives, I know the event.
> I know the in-order-that-the-book-arrives event.
> We can't tell whether the {-meH} clause is modifying the noun 
> {wanI'} or the verb {Sov} here, and frankly, it doesn't make 
> much difference.
first of all, I don't like the idea that the purpose of
either the knowing or the event should be that the book arrives.

having said that, I believe there IS a difference in whether
the books arriving is the purpose of the event or the purpose
of your knowing the event resp.

> Or perhaps a better verb would be {juv} "measure". If you 
> measure an event, what would you be measuring?
exactly... I don't think I would do anything but shake
my head and shoot...

> I now know when the book will arrive tomorrow.
> DaH wa'leS paq pawmeH wanI' vIjuvlaH.
I suppose you meant {DaH wa'leS pawmeH paq wanI' vIjuvlaH}..

> I know it probably hurts most brains to try to wrap them around 
> that casting, but give it a try and offer some feedback.
I'll try your method...

DaH - aha, we're talking about something that is true now, or 
      happening at this moment...

DaH wa'leS - ahmmmm.. keep talking...

DaH wa'leS pawmeH - oh, wa'leS maust belong to the -meH clause,
                    so something is to arrive tomorrow... good

DaH wa'leS pawmeH paq - it's the book that should arrive...

DaH wa'leS pawmeH paq wanI' - a book-event doesn't arrive.. so
                              the -meH clause might modify wanI'

DaH wa'leS pawmeH paq wanI' vIjuvlaH

    or it might modify the ability to measure...

well, basically what's getting in the way (for me) is that
I don't agree with the semantic relationships; for people who
do agree with your point of view, this should work.

also, if you speak with pauses indicating grouping, like e.g.

DaH ((wa'leS pawmeH paq) wanI') vIjuvlaH

it should be understandable..

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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