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RE: -bogh and -wI'

>Do' yaplaw'mo' vIlughnISbe'moH.

jatlh muHwI':
> {-be'} is a Rover, why do you choose to put it there?
> I would have put it at the end. Or do I understand it 
> in the wrong way? ("not need to correct it")

I put the <-be'> after <-nIS>, so it negates the <-nIS>. I think part of the
problem is that we really want the <-moH> to go right after the verb so we
can think of <lughmoH> as a single unit, but the language doesn't work that
way. If the suffixes had to be interpreted in strict order, <vIlughnISmoH>
could only mean "I cause it to need to be correct", which is a whole lot
less useful than "I need to correct it". Fortunately, while the suffix order
is fixed, the order in which the *meanings* of the suffixes apply is

In any case, here is how I see the difference between various placements of

I need to make it not correct - almost the opposite of what I meant.

I do not need to make it correct / I do not need to correct it - perfect.

I do not cause it to need to be correct ??!?!? - this one doesn't make any
sense to me.

Beginners' Grammarian

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