tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Thu Jan 14 13:54:26 1999

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Re: HolQeD

>I received my latest issue of HolQeD over a week ago.  Has anyone else
>received theirs?  If so, the list has been strangely silent about it.
>I'd like to comment on the excellent interview with Marc Okrand.  It
>was great: it gave us some new information that confirmed some of
>my own opinions and that didn't contradict any of my cherished
>beliefs.  What more could you ask for!
>charghwI', yu'meH mIwlIjmo' qavanbej!
>-- ter'eS

QaQ HolQeDvam
paqHom tlhopDaq qech cha'lu'bogh vIparHa',
tlhIngan'e' luleghbe'bogh HochHom DIvI' nuv

Marc-mo' lutDaq (vImughtaHbogh) 'op mu'tlhegh vIlughmoH


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