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Re: qama'

ja' peHruS:
> The next section contains a sentence that underscores the idea:
> |  Note that both the subject and the object are combined into a
> |  single prefix.
>No, TKD points out that I am correct.  You are misinterpreting what TKD says,
>probably because you have not had the courses in linguistics that my college
>training forced me to have.
>TKD p32.  I do not need to tell you what it says.  You have copied it
>correctly from the dictionary.
>You are misinterpreting the word "indicates."

You are ignoring the words "combined into".  You are ignoring the
blindingly obvious in favor of spouting technical babble that seems
intended to display that your knowledge supersedes the words written
in The Klingon Dictionary.  I will take TKD as it is, and I promise
to pay no more attention to your disagreements with it.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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