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Re: Transcription

ja' "Alessio Cardeti" <>:
>Could anyone provide me with a transcription of the dialogue between Gowron
>and Martok in "Way of the warrior part II" ? (I am referring to the scene
>where they probably talk about disabling the station's shields and beaming
>in some shock troops).

The closed captioning for the Klingon dialogue in "The Way of the Warrior"
appears in the December 1995 issue of _HolQeD_ (Volume 4, Number 4).  The
words used in the novel that came from that episode are given as well.  If
you want access to more resources than this mailing list can provide, it's
probably a good idea for you to join the Klingon Language Institute and to
start receiving its journal.

Back issues of _HolQeD_ are available from the KLI, through its Merchandise
web page /kli/Merchant.phtml, for the sum of $3 per issue
plus shipping costs ($.25 within the US, $.75 to Europe).  A small handling
fee of $2 is added to each order, so it's usually worthwhile to order more
than just a single item.

>Obviously I assumed that they might actually speak real Klingon but I am not
>sure, since the only thing I could understand is Martok saying <jIyaj
>!>....IF he actually says that ! :)

It's not *good* Klingon, at least not by the standards of the people who
speak it on this list.  Much of it seems to be close enough that one might
have a good chance to figure out what they meant to say. :-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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