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Re: Hoch

ghItlh prHruS

><< If I have all the PIECES of a ship at home, I'd say:
> Duj Hoch vIghaj.
> This means I could build a ship out of everything I have. I have 
> all of a ship; a ship's all. >>

I'm reporting when I was a kid and liked to build the miniatures
of ships, cars and planes.

    Duj naQ chenmoHmeH yIpab 'ej Duj Hoch 'ay'mey yIrar
(In order to build a entire/complete ship, follow (the instructions)
and connect all components of the ship.)

Reading the comments of ghunchu'wI', I was thinking if the
suffix {-chu'} can be used in sense of {naQ}

yuQ yIQaw'chu' - Destroy the planet perfectly (ALL the planet -
native life, vegetation, rocks, etc).


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