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Re: KLBC: Class

ja' "Adam Snyder" <>:
>How would I say "the class has 300 students"? I cannot find a word for

Without more specific context, I might say it very differently.

pa'Daq HaD wejvatlh ghojwI' - "300 learners study in the room."

>I thought that I could use <ghojwI' ghom> ("group of students") for
>"class". However, I am pretty sure that the <N1 N2> structure for "N2 of
>N1" only works for possession.

It works for much more than that.  Check out a very relevant example on
page 20 of The Klingon Dictionary:  {tIjwI'ghom} "boarding party"

We also have {tlhIngan Hol} "Klingon language", {DenIb Qatlh} "Denebian
slime devil", {woj choHwI'} "reactor", {baS 'In} "metal bell", and a host
of other noun-noun examples that indicate the construction is much closer
to something called GENITIVE by linguists.  Basically, almost every time
"N2 of N1" is used in English, {N1 N2} works in Klingon.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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