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Re: {nuqDaq DaDab}

In a message dated 2/22/1999 8:23:13 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

 KGT thus implies that the proper form of the question might be {nuq DaDab}.
 With that question, the answer {Shannon vIDab} is almost certainly correct.
 charghwI' was saying that the best form of the answer to {nuqDaq DaDab} is
 a little bit harder to pin down.
 -- ghunchu'wI' >>

*page* yIngu'
KGT vIlaD 'ej vIlaDqa' 'ach *implication*vetlh vISampu'be'

See also my assertions that {nuqDaq} is a wholly contained question word, not
{nuq} and a locative.  Such assertions point out that a locative answer is not


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