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Re: Hoch

ja' HomDoq:
>mujang DloraH, ja':
>> tI naQ, sure.  The entire vegetation... the roots, the stems, the leaves...
>I don't know if "intact" is an English word... but that's what I
>understand naQ to mean. I would have used tI Hoch for what you
>seem to be referring to.

I like the "intact" idea; it seems to work well in many cases.
DloraH's phrase exhibits exactly the ambiguity that seems to
be at the root (!) of the {X naQ}/{X Hoch} confusion; I can see
it working either way, with the same English words used in both
cases, even though the ideas are quite distinct.

{tI Hoch} says "all of the vegetation", meaning to me the total
amount of the vegetation.  {tI naQ} says "the whole vegetation",
meaning to me the vegetation which is whole (or intact).

Whatever the precise shade of meaning, one thing is absolutely
clear to me: {tI naQ} is vegetation, and {tI Hoch} is an amount.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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