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Re: qama'

In article <>, writes
>In a message dated 2/19/1999 9:25:36 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
> But why did you contrive it in the first place?  Indulge me briefly as
> I present an analogy to what I see you doing here. >>
>For the same reasons Lewis Carroll contrived "chortle."  The language is
>growing because of its users.

tlhIngan jIHbe'. tlhingan SoHbe' je. 

{ghojwI'pu'} maH neH! Holvam tInnISmoHbe' ghojwI'pu'. 

** Warning: wry humor present **

'a *{tlhoqo} 'oH'a' ponglIj'e'?

**            ****            **

[Trans: I'm not a Klingon. Nor are you. We're all only students.
"Students" don't need to extend this language. Or is your name

(Yes, I *did* read the early list archives. And very interesting they
were too. (}}8-) )

Matt Johnson <>

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