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juHDaq *NewOrleans*vo' mapawta' be'nalwI' jIH je.
maghIQ 'ej DaH machegh.
lengmaj wItIvqu'chu'.
jav jaj taH lopno'na'maj 'ach, rInpa' maropchoH.
maghIQDI' mayItqu'mo' bechpu' qamDu'maj.
DaHjaj Quch qamDu'wIj 'ach jIroplI'.
jIwuQqu'. jor qu', neH nachwIj.
ghIchwIjvo' qangtaH HuH.
jIghupDI' 'oy' HughwI'.
jItlhutlhHa'laH neH.

chaq wa'leS jIpIvchoH.


the intended message:

My wife and I have arrived home from New Orleans.
We were on vacation, and now we have returned.
We clearly enjoyed our trip.
Our party (aka MardiGras) continued for six days, but before it finished we
became ill.
During the vacation, because we walked so much, our feet suffered.
Today, my feet are happy, but I continue to be sick.
I have a headache. My head wants to explode.
Slime pours from my nose.
When I swallow, my throat hurts.
I can merely *misbreathe.

Perhaps tomorrow I will become healthy.

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