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Re: bajoran flamethrower

>Not officially, but I've usually seen *{bajor} Bajor
>and *{bajorngan} Bajoran.  Some people prefer a different
>vowel as various anglophone actors pronounce the word
>differently: *{bejor}, *{beyjor}, *{bey'jor}, etc.
   First we need to know how bajor is pronounced in Bajoran! And then we
look how klingons would pronounce it. On the Germen TV show, Bajor is
pronounced *bayor*. We cannot transliterate something that has already been
   "E" is pronounced {I} in english, german "E" is pronounced {e} in german,
sounds almost like english "A", which is in german {a}, but that is the
english "R", which is in German pronounced {'er} (and that can almost sound
like te english "A", which is...)
   (okay, you need a bit of fantasy for this, but you see laguages are weird

>In view of his job as your Fire Master, I prefer {qulpIn} as a name to my
*{qul chuHwI'}.  You could also call him the {qul chenmoHwI'} "fire maker".


.. Quvar muHwI'

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