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Re: qep'a' pa' qoch vInej

ja' peHruS:
>But, canon from TKD p. 82 indicates that {cha'Hu'} and {cha'leS} are one word
>each, also.

TKD would also seem to indicate that {ghojmoH} and {poSmoH} are simple
verbs, but we know better.  {jolpa'} appears in the word list, even
though it's explained as a compound noun on page 19.

>What evidence do you have from canon that any number used with
>the "nouns" {Hu'} and {leS} should not also be one word each?

The {cha'vatlh ben HIq} example from Okrand ought to be enough evidence
that numbers don't always abut these "time words".

>I have seen the
>number and these two "nouns" written separately only by users of this

Why do you put "noun" in quote marks?  That's what they are.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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